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Crew 26 — Omaha, Nebraska

Venture into Venturing

Crew 26 welcomes young men and women in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area who are ages 14 (or 13 and finished with 8th grade) to 20 to join them in designing, leading, and experiencing adventures of all kinds.  Crew activities are proposed, planned, and executed by Crew members, as the Crew is led by youth leaders under the guidance of adult advisors–several of whom are former youth members of Crew 26.  Check out our website, come for a visit, and join the adventure.

“Adventure is in Venturing’s DNA.

Venturing is adventure with a purpose.  Adventures to build camaraderie and skills.  Adventures to develop leadership.  Adventures to build an attitude of service to others.  Adventures in personal growth.  Venturing adventure is a platform for development, enabling its members to go where they want in life.  And most of all, Venturing adventure is FUN!”

–Boy Scouts of America, Handbook for Venturers